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Favorable wind for Ukrainian children


Medicines and a favorable wind for Ukrainian children affected by oncological diseases, today he left Lithuania for the Lviv Children's Hospital. We wholeheartedly thank and support Milda and Gintautas, who sent the shipment to make the trip as smooth as possible.

Sincere THANK YOU Dr. Goda Vaitkevičienė and doctors Vilma Rutkauskaitė for the initiated support initiative and comprehensive assistance.

We send the warmest hug to Jokūbas Malikėnas, a pharmacist at Gintarinė Pharmacy (Rygos St. 1), for patience and ordered medicines.

TACK we say "Rugutė" to our loyal friends from Sweden (Stefan Espersson) for focusing not only on Lithuanian children.

We bow low to YOU all, because only because of YOUR concentration and support, we were able to express our support not in words, but also in what is necessary for the treatment of children. As we often say, "One in the field is not a soldier." You proved it again.

Do you have any ideas on how to help seriously ill children?

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