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Sensitive idea from Japan

No constraints, pandemics will never overcome unconditional love and care for sick children. This, once again, is confirmed by long-time friends from Japan. Unable to come to Lithuania and hold annual support concerts, they gathered in their country to help children.

We wholeheartedly thank you for the financial support we have received - 1160 euros, which we will allocate for the necessary medicines, research, and the purchase of innovative nursing products. Only with timely help can we hope to hear the following words with the child's family as soon as possible: "The disease has been stopped, remission has been achieved."

We warmly thank Hisayuki Sakamizu, a member of the Japan-Lithuania Friendship Association, for encouraging everyone to contribute to the idea of Cake Day in Lithuania.

Thank you for the extremely warm and sensitive idea - a cake day without cakes, but with endless compassion, hope and encouragement not to stop moving forward.

Do you have any ideas on how to help seriously ill children?

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