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We are preparing a shipment to Poltava again


One, two, three… We are preparing the third consignment of medicines for children with oncological diseases and people affected by the war to the hotspot - Poltava. The country, which is currently at war, had many small wars before it began, in which children, young and old, fought their invisible enemy, the oncological disease. And the end of all those small wars might not be so unpredictable and the hopes of victory would shine brighter if the real war had not begun, destroying the weapons with which the little fighters could defeat their enemy. As long as states supply weapons to hope the whole country wins the war, we can supply "weapons" - medicine - to the little fighters to end their struggles.

THANK YOU to everyone who has provided support to Ukrainian children.

We say the warmest THANK YOU to Tatyana for taking care of her Ukrainian children, expressing the targeted medical needs and organizing the transportation of the consignment from Lviv to Poltava.

We believe that together we can help children overcome cancer even in times of war. Become a symbol of peace, unity and hope.

Do you have any ideas on how to help seriously ill children?

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