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The bear came to Gaudre


The thought of giving a beautiful bear to Gaudre, a wonderful girl on the path to leukemia, has been raging for a long time. After all, it is much bolder to travel in two. In addition, this the strongman has to go down a twice as difficult path. After overcoming part of the treatment, an unexpected traveler - diabetes - "stuck". So we heard that research was planned for Gaudre on Monday, we hurried to escort the bear Matilda to the hospital.

Gaudrė's mother described the meeting: “We returned to the ward two months later, so Gaudrytė's heart was shaking a little more than usual. I understood her because I was a little worried myself. And your surprise, Edita, made Gaudryte happy! Anesthesiologists had to wait longer than usual, so the bear Matilda was the pillar that helped him wait patiently before the procedure. In fact, I probably haven't seen a more beautiful toy that radiates human warmth, it wants to fit gently, very carefully to the chest as it is alive and, after inhaling the bear's love, slowly lay it back in the box… Matilda is a special friend , in return, he promised to accompany Gaudrytis where I was not afraid. After all, it's always calmer together. "

Gaudre, knowing Your strength, we wish you to go boldly, no matter how winding the road, no matter what passengers offer to travel together. We will be by your side and support you with all your heart!

Dear Irma (Pudra Studio), thanks for the opportunity to meet Matilda, we have no doubt that this lovely friendship will last for years to come.

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