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After overcoming the disease

There is nothing more meaningful than embracing a Fighter you have known for almost 20 years on International Cancer Day. I met a charming three-year-old girl in 2002 at a pediatric oncohematology center.

Then we went on the path of Rugilė's treatment and shared our worries with Cornelia's mother, who often met. I was very happy when, after achieving remission, Cornelia returned back to kindergarten, to the normal flow of life that existed before the illness. I took her by the hand for the second time in 2006. When Cornelia returned from the disease, she had to face a stronger battle - the girl underwent left finger amputation, chemotherapy, and even autologous stem cell transplantation (KKLT). Remission of the disease was achieved this time as well.

Over the years, it has been indescribably good to meet and admire an active, goal-oriented Cornelia from time to time. And today is what she is! A young girl who has already grown up with me, who doesn’t stop caring and thinking about those who are going through the same thing she did many years ago.

Both me and Cornelia send our warmest wishes to the girl's former doctor Sonata Šaulyte-Trakymienė.

There is no greater hope than children who have left the disease far behind!


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