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Gifts for a love day


Working at Rugute is not something you forget when you close the office door. This job is more of a part of life. I cannot distance myself from the accompanying children or their families, but on the contrary - I accept them into my heart, I remember everyone's story, I accumulate the embrace of the sensitive moments they have lived together. Therefore, I am very glad that after the fight against the child's illness, the friendships that have been made usually continue. Even when that fight is lost. When the little soldier leaves. Then there is nothing more sensitive and beautiful than hugging the little soldier’s family over and over again to see the brother and little sister grow up. Such a beautiful and tearful friendship is associated with the family of little George.

And there is nothing more fun than receiving and delivering gifts prepared by George's mother on the occasion of Love Day to children treated in Kaunas clinics. Jurate , thanks for thinking about the other kids in the stormy ocean today.

We wholeheartedly thank you for the honey GYVAS MEDUS“ , for the gingerbread „Mamos proginiai meduoliai“ , for soaps „Muipresent“ , for Salomay Greeting Cards.

Let us love, care for one another, and be loved. With love,


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