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Support for Ukrainian children with oncological diseases


We care about all children with oncological diseases. We do not classify them by citizenship or place of residence. After all, all children are worth enjoying their childhood, growing up and building their future.

We were contacted by a Ukrainian mother whose daughter had a bone marrow transplant at the Vilnius Children's Oncohematology Center a few years ago. She said Ukrainian children currently struggling with oncology were missing certain medications and asked for help. We could not remain indifferent.

These days, with the help of Vilnius pediatric oncohematologists, we are preparing the first shipment to Ukraine, Poltava Children's Clinical Hospital. However, we are sure that they will not be enough, because the treatment of children must continue even in conditions of war, even when it is extremely difficult to obtain medication.

Therefore, if you feel that you want and can help worry about enveloping small patients in Ukraine, we invite you to support:

Do you have any ideas on how to help seriously ill children?

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