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Jaunius returns to Oslo

A message about a special seven-year-old boy, Youth, who has become a friend of all our hearts.
He left for Oslo again on Sunday evening. Studies have shown that there is a gradual loss of CART-T cells. Therefore, the doctors decided that the time had come to reinforce the army the little patient had, that is, the time for the second infusion of CART-T cells. We remind you that in the spring the boy was the first in Lithuania to receive CAR-T cell therapy in Oslo.
Arriving in Oslo, the boy's mother wrote: “This time Jaunius went everywhere himself and with a suitcase. Feeling a little tired. Looking at the shining Oslo from above, he said, "Mom, I feel so giant, and the world is so beautiful and small." You're not a giant, little one, just a fight your giant. "
Younger, we wish you to gather the strongest and fiercest army of CART-T cells, ready to defend you even from thoughts of disease!
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